The Reason Metals Are Normalised During The Heat Treatment Process

Harchris Heat Treatment maintains the highest standards in terms of quality and process, with a distinct focus on service excellence and versatile engineering techniques.

The process of normalising involves heating a material to a temperature that is elevated to an extreme temperature and then allowing the material to cool back to room temperature. This process of heating and cooling the metal will ensure that the microstructure of the metal is reduced and increases ductility to be restructured to the final metal.

Our core functionality specifically focuses on fabricators, foundries, forge shops as well as wire and fastener industries. The sectors also focus on the non-ferrous and ferrous sectors. Our capabilities includes stress relieving which heats the metals up to a suitable temperature and holds a targeted temperature to reduce residual stress to the metal.

In addition to the heat treatment process is the annealing component which heats and holds at a suitable temperature to primarily cool to soften the material. Harchris Heat Treatment facilitates these heat servicing components to casting and flat plates.

Solution heat treatment heats an alloy to a suitable temperature and heating the steel to improve machinability, modify and refine cast structures.

The transformation process is critical to the metal changing the physical and chemical property of the material.

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