5 Structural Benefits Of Heat Treating Metals

Treating Metals

Harchris Engineers offers comprehensive heat treating services to a multitude of industries which includes the Fabricating, Foundries, Forge Shops, Steel Merchants as well as Wire and Fastener Industries. Heat treating has a versatile range of benefits to enhance the integrity of metal components.

Affects the physical and mechanical characteristics of the metal

There are various heat treating benefits to metal components which enhances the strength, durability and elasticity of the metal.

Reduces brittleness

Once the metal is continually exposed to the elements, there is a high susceptibility to the metal becoming brittle and weak. Heat treating the material can reduce brittleness.

Transforming the materials are easier

Through the process of normalizing and annealing, normalizing will ensure that the metal is held at a critical temperature for a transformation to take place.

Improves electrical and magnetic properties

The structural magnetic properties increase the compatibility with other materials.

The resistance to wear and tear is reduced

The metal has corrosive properties that can be reduced through the advanced heating techniques available from Harchris Engineers.

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